Our Partner Solutions

We partner with payers and risk-bearing provider organizations to enable and deliver value-based care.

For Payers and Health Plans

Here are some of the ways we create value for health plans:
  • Increase access to value-based primary care
  • Drive new member growth and acquisition
  • Support continuity of care within the network
  • Improve patient retention & experience
  • Support members not currently aligned with a value-based provider group
  • Extend reach for already overwhelmed providers
  • Support providers new to value-based care

For Risk-Bearing Provider Organizations

Here are some of the ways we create value for risk-bearing provider organizations, including accountable care organizations:
  • Support new risk contracts
  • Improve performance on existing risk contracts
  • Increase clinical capacity
  • Support providers new to value-based care
  • Offer expertise in deploying value-based care programs
  • Extend reach for already overwhelmed providers
  • Drive patient engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Partnering With Us

We’re here to support our partners every step of the way. Here are some commonly asked questions about how we partner with organizations, the senior-focused primary care services we offer, and the value we create.
What types of organizations do you partner with?
We partner with health plans, provider groups, and other organizations that hold the risk for groups of patients.
Are your Nurse Practitioners employed by Greater Good Health?
Unlike other organizations that have a network of part-time / 1099 clinicians, we fully employ (W2) our Nurse Practitioners. We hire and train NPs specifically for each project, ensuring both continuity of care and alignment to any unique requirements (language, geography, skills, etc.).
How quickly can you launch a new partnership?
We can hire, train and deploy Nurse Practitioners to lead programs in as little as 50 days. Our strategy and operations teams concurrently lead a comprehensive implementation process to define workflows, data sharing and other key partnership details.
What differentiates Greater Good Health from other organizations that offer similar services?
Our turnkey, integrated clinical programs are anchored in clinical quality and focused on outcomes, not visit volume. Our operators and leaders have decades of value-based care experience in some of the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations. Our approach is adaptable and highly flexible, ensuring that we design and deliver the right program with each of our partners.

Our Results

Improving Clinical & Financial Outcomes

We are committing to improving clinical, financial, and care outcomes to create a better healthcare system for all.
patient engagement
clinical practices supported
patients under management
reduction in 30-day readmissions
re-evaluation rate
coding accuracy with 10 average unique codes per patient

Partner With Us

Power Your Transformation to Value-Based Care

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