Senior Care Insurance Agents & Brokers

At Greater Good Health, we provide whole-person, compassionate primary care for older adults on Medicare. To provide the best care, it is critical that our patients have access to the right Medicare coverage and are making the most of their health benefits, which is why we partner with local insurance agents and brokers. We’re committed to building relationships with agents who share our vision of delivering unparalleled outcomes and experiences for seniors.

Primary Care For Your Medicare Clients

Why Greater Good Health?

Seniors deserve healthcare that understands what it’s like to be a senior, healthcare on their terms, and healthcare that is as convenient and easy as it is thorough and holistic. At Greater Good Health, we don’t think that’s too much to ask for. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative care model that extends beyond typical primary care.

Convenient Care

We provide same- or next-day, unrushed appointments and on-site diagnostic and lab testing. Our Patient Liaison will make sure patients have a way to get to appointments, are set up with mail order prescriptions, and stay organized with referrals and health information.

Whole-Person Approach

Our innovative care model addresses more than just our patients' symptoms, but rather is centered on all components of their health - physical, emotional, and social. We work to understand both the “what” and the “why” to help patients stay healthy and live fully.

Care Beyond the Clinic Walls

Helping our patients stay healthy isn’t just a 9-to-5 job. Our experienced, compassionate care teams will meet your clients when and where they need it most, whether that is in our clinic, in the community, or via telehealth.

Community & Social Connection

Human connection can positively impact overall health. Our clinics feature large community spaces for your clients to attend educational, recreational, and social events or simply gather with friends for coffee or a game of bridge.

A Better Healthcare Experience for Seniors

Partner With Us

Transforming healthcare for seniors on Medicare means partnering with people and organizations that share our passion to make a difference in the lives of seniors. Whether it is co-marketing, co-sponsoring events, or offering space in our clinic for enrollments, there are lots of creative ways we partner with insurance agents, brokers, and organizations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team is Here to Help

If you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Our team is a quick call or email away!
What if my client has questions or would like to schedule their first appointment directly?
To refer a client to us, please complete the form here. We will outreach to them, share more about us, and schedule their first appointment. Your client can also call us. We have a dedicated team available to share more about our care model, answer questions, schedule first appointments, and ensure patients feel comfortable and prepared for their first appointment.
With what insurance plans are you in-network?
Across all of our clinics, we are in-network with traditional Medicare for seniors with or without most supplement plans. The other plans with which we are in-network varies by state. In Montana, we are also in-network with Medicare Advantage plans like Humana.
Do you only see adults 65 years or older?
We specialize in providing care to older, Medicare-eligible adults. Knowing that seniors have unique needs, we’ve built teams, clinic spaces, and clinical senior primary care programs tailored to them. Our healthcare team members are passionate about caring for older adults and have specific expertise in senior health conditions and management. However, we recognize that age is not the only indicator of someone’s health needs and appreciate that supporting younger patients through the Medicare enrollment process is incredibly valuable. We do provide care to patients under 65 and encourage any client over 55 to reach out to us!
Can I tour the clinic?
Absolutely! Reach out to our Community & Broker Relations team at to schedule a tour. We also offer dedicated office spaces in our clinics for insurance agents to utilize for meetings or enrollments.
Do you allow brokers to enroll patients in your clinic?
Yes, we will have a Broker of the Day program with dedicated space in our clinics for this purpose. Reach out to our Community & Broker Relations team at to sign up!

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Exceptional Primary Care for Seniors

We provide senior-focused primary care that serves the specific needs of your Medicare clients. We are currently welcoming new patients! Tell us a bit about your client and we’ll get in touch with them shortly to welcome them to the Greater Good Health community.
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