Senior Health Partners in Primary Care

Whether we are partnering with health plans to build primary care practices or deploying white-labeled clinical programs into risk-bearing organizations, we are committed to driving and enabling the shift to value-based, outcomes-focused care.

Our Approach

Working Together to Make Healthcare Greater

The future of healthcare will require coordinated comprehensive care. With deep expertise in value-based care, we utilize operational rigor, expert senior health providers, technology and analytics, and collaborative partnership.

Addressing The Root Cause

Problems We Are Tackling

Making meaningful change in our healthcare system means understanding and addressing the root causes that are driving lack of access to care and poor health outcomes, particularly for special populations.
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Primary Care Physician Shortage

Due to physician shortages, burnout and workforce challenges, financial barriers, and a fragmented healthcare system, millions of Americans struggle to find timely and affordable primary care. Lack of preventive screening, early intervention, and ongoing management of chronic conditions negatively impact health outcomes and drive up costs. With an aging population and a growing demand for primary care, it is critical to create more access to timely, comprehensive, and patient-centered primary care and clinical programs.
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Clinician Burnout & Turnover

Many healthcare professionals are experiencing early burnout due to long working hours, high patient volumes, administrative burdens, the emotional toll of caring for others, and lack of career progression. The consequences of burnout can be far-reaching, affecting not only the well-being and mental health of medical professionals but also the quality of patient care. Addressing this issue requires systemic changes, such as improving work-life balance, implementing support systems, fostering a culture of self-care, and prioritizing provider well-being.
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Rising Need For Care

An aging population, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, and the expansion of healthcare coverage are contributing to a rising need for primary care. This growing demand underscores the importance of strengthening primary care infrastructure, ensuring access to comprehensive and continuous care, and addressing workforce shortages to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the population.
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Migration to Value-Based Care

With the increasing demand for better health outcomes at lower costs, healthcare is moving towards a shift from fee-for-service to value-based care. This evolution towards value-based care represents an opportunity for the healthcare industry to deliver better care to patients and move collectively towards a smarter, more sustainable healthcare system. For health plans and providers, making the shift may require significant investment in technology, data, workflows, and training.

Accelerating the Transformation to Value-Based Care

The Greater Good Health Difference

Our team has deep expertise in value-based care–not just the academics of it, but the actual implementation and achievement of value-based care. We partner with healthcare organizations to provide the best care to its patients, in hopes we can improve the healthcare system for all — together.
Highly Trained, Clinically Expert Team
Our Clinical Operators, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Advisors, and Patient Engagement Specialists have deep clinical expertise in value-based care. Our care teams undergo extensive onboarding in preparation for clinical program deployment and complete ongoing training and education. We know that happy clinicians means happy patients, so we invest heavily in the satisfaction, development, and wellbeing of our care teams.
Comprehensive Clinical Solutions
We believe in the need for ongoing care, not just a single coding visit, which is why we offer solutions across the continuum of care, including transitions of care to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions, longitudinal complex care management, and primary care. Our focus is on building solutions that improve quality, reduce the total cost of care, and coordinate care across the healthcare continuum.
Tight Integration & Alignment with Partners
We private label our programs to ensure that we work as an extension of our partners’ brands and have rigorous processes for communication and hand-off regarding patient needs and care plans. By embedding our solutions with providers and payers, we have been able to achieve patient engagement rates of nearly 40% (more than double the industry average), while also reducing patient and provider abrasion.
Rapid & Thorough Implementation
Our dedicated, expert implementation team works closely with clients to define clear goals and success metrics and leverage experience and best practices to build more effective patient-facing communications, clinical workflows, and follow-up reviews. We augment workflows where they exist and help build them where they don’t, all while ensuring rapid implementation in 6-8 weeks.

We Hold Ourselves Accountable

Better Health Outcomes & Experiences

We are committing to improving clinical, financial, and care outcomes to create a better healthcare system for all.
patient engagement rate
clinical practices supported
20 K
patients under management
reduction in 30-day readmissions
evaluation rate of prior and suspected HCC codes
coding accuracy


Value-Based Programs That Drive Results

Check out these case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped our partners improve clinical and financial outcomes for their communities.
Case Study – Blue Shield of California
Case Study – Healthcare Partners
Case Study – NAMM California
Case Study – Riverside Medical Group

What Clients Say About Us

Senior Health Partner Experiences

Greater Good Health is collaborative and flexible in working with us to design the best program for our patients. Their team is knowledgeable and experienced – I trust them like they are part of our own internal team.
Chief Medical Officer
Greater Good Health provides great Nurse Practitioners who perform really well clinically – better than some of our own clinicians. I don’t know what their secret is, but they know how to recruit and train Nurse Practitioners.
Medical Director
Greater Good Health has been collaborative, responsive, and offers new perspectives. They’ve been great partners throughout this engagement.
Group Vice President

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Whether you’re experienced in managing risk or just beginning the journey, we are here to accelerate growth and add value. With a comprehensive suite of senior primary care services, expert teams, advanced analytics and technology, we can help you succeed in value-based programs and risk arrangements.
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