Antionette Faller

Front Office Coordinator
Background & Experience I was born in California and have lived there off-and-on for many years. I have also lived in Nevada and am now loving residing in Montana. I am recently married to my husband, James. We enjoy spending as much time as possible with my son DJ, our daughter-by-love Karalie, and two young grandchildren, Millie and Cooper. Most of my career life has been in the administration department of the medical field one way or another. I have enjoyed obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and an Associate’s in Medical Coding. Education will always be an ongoing part of my life. Getting to work with patients again face-to-face is so exciting. I look forward to creating an excellent environment for seniors in our community. Interests Crafting in multiple ways is how I enjoy spending extra time. From crocheting and beading to using my Cricut or coloring, doing any craft at home is fantastic. Any time spent at the beach instantly makes me smile, and I can never get enough traveling. Fun Fact I love shoes and lipstick and believe that no one can ever have enough or too much of either.